We offer only genuine Victorinox knives

Our website features Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, and Swiss tools. We also carry the new Wagner SwissPens which include a Victorinox knife module or a flash drive and SwissWallets. Victorinox is the only manufacturer of Swiss Army Knives, and swiss tools and produce a superior product.
Most of our Victorinox Swiss Army Knives and Swiss tools are sold at discount. We pride ourselves on fast service and a superior product. If you are not satisfied with your order or with our website in any way, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. Our goal is to provide our customers with great customer service and premium products

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Swiss Army Knives
Swiss Army Knives:. Knives including the sizes 58mm, 74mm, 84mm,91mm and 104mm.. See below for SilverTech Series, Hardwood Series,Camo (camoflauge) Series and Evolution Grip™ Series ,
SwissTool:. GolfTool, SwisTool, SwissTool black BS, SwissTool Spirit Plus, SwissTool with ratchet;
SwissCard:. SwissCard and Swisscard Lite;
Wagner Swiss Pens and Swiss Wallets:. Wagner Swiss Pens and Swiss Wallets;
Swiss Jewel Pens
Wagner Swiss Jewel Pens:. Swiss Jewel Pens;
Accessories:. Accessories including Leather Pouches, Cordura Pouches, Nylon Pouches, knife Sharpener, Swiss Knife/SwissTool Oil.;
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts:. Replacement Parts including Toothpicks, Tweezers,Scissor Springs, SwissCard: Replacement Blade,Scissors,Nail File,Pen and Quattro Screwdriver, (Lanyard, Saw and Window Breaker for Rescue Tool), Corkscrew, Mini Screwdriver, Golftool Ball Marker, Batteries, Sharpening Stone andKnife Ooil.
Evolution Grip
Evolution Grip™ Series:. Evolution Grip Series including: Evolution Grip(10,11,14,18,S17,S18,S54,S557)
SilverTech Series
SilverTech Collection:. SilverTech Climber, Huntsman, Signature Lite, Spartan
Hardwood Collection
Hardwood Collection :. Hardwood Collection including Huntsman, Spartan & SwissChamp
Camo Collectiion
Camo Collection:. Camo Knives including Classic SD Camo.Classic SD Desert camo, Classic SD Pink Camo, Climber Camo, Huntsman Camo, Huntsman Desert Camo, Spartan Camo & One Hand Trekker Camo.