a.Toothpick for Victorinox Swiss Army Knife


Victorinox Toothpicks will fit all Victorinox Swiss Army Knives and Pocketknives.
Small Toothpick fits all 58mm(2¼ inch) Knives that have a toothpick. Also fits SwissCard.
Large Toothpick fits all knives and tools 74mm(2.9 inches) and larger that come with a toothpick.



Replacement toothpick manufactured by Victorinox in Switerland.
Victorinox Swiss Army toothpicks are designed to fit in all Victorinox Swiss Army Knives. The toothpicks will replace toothpicks in the knives that originally held a toothpick. The small toothpick fits all 58 mm (2¼ in) Swiss Army Knives and the large toothpick fits all larger Swiss Army Knives.

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Weight 0.2 oz

Small-38413, Large-38414