Special Knife Series

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Classic SD Specials

US Flag,Star of David, Shamrock, Gadsden (don’t tread on me), hardwood handles, camo, desert camo, navy camo, pink camo, alox, Stay Glow

National Parks

The exclusive Classic SD National Park knife. Emblazoned with images of our nation’s most dramatic landscapes and coastlines, this range combines the essence of rugged wilderness with the sleek functionality of our iconic Swiss Army Knives. Hold the strength and beauty of the wild in the palm of your hand.
Classic SD, Fieldmastrt,SwissChamp, Tinker.
Onyx Black Series
Signature lite, onyx black, Spartan onyx black.
Hardwood Series Knives
Victorinox Hardwood Series Knives

Classic SD Hardwood, Huntsman Hardwood, Spartan Hardwood, SwissChamp Hardwood, Executive Wood 81, Evolution Wood(10,14,17,S54,S557), Wine Master Walnut, Wine Master Olive Wood
Alox Series Knives
Victorinox Alox Knives (anodized aluminum handles)

Cadet, Classic SD, Electrician, Farmer, MiniChamp, Pioneer
Silver Tech Series Knives
Victorinox Silver Tech Series Knives

Climber Silver Tech, Huntsman Silver Tech, Signature Light Silver Tech, Spartan Silver Tech
Camoflauge Series Knives Victorinox Camo (camoflauge) Series
Classic SD camo, Classic SD Desert Camo, Classic SD Navy Camo, Classic
SD Pink Camo, Climber camo, Huntsman camo, One Hand Trekker camo, Spartan camo
Evo Grip Knives Evolution Knives (With a Rubber Grip)
Evolution Grip™ 10,Evolution Grip™ 11,Evolution Grip™ 14,Evolution Grip™ 18,Evolution Grip™ S17,Evolution Grip™ S18,Evolution Grip™ S54,Evolution Grip™ S557, Evolution Wood 10, Evolution Wood 14, Evolution Wood 17, Evolution Wood S54, Evolution Wood S557
Winemaster Knives
Wine Master Knives

Walnut Hardwood Handles, Olive Wood Handles