Swiss Army Knives

Alphabetical Listing of Knives
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58mm Knives Victorinox Knives 58mm, 2¼ in.
Classic Edelweiss, Classic SD, Classic SD Camo, Classic SD Cub Scout, Classic SD Eagle Scout, Classic SD Desert Camo, Classic SD Pink Camo, Classic SD Navy Camo, Classic SD Flag, Classic SD Star of David, Classic SD Gadsden, Classic SD – National Parks, Classic SD Shamrock, Classic SD Alox, Classic SD StayGlo, Manager, Midnite Manager, Midnite MiniChamp, MiniChamp, Rambler, Signature, Signature Lite, SwissLight
84-85mm Knives Victorinox Knives 84-85mm, 3⅓ in
Cadet, Sportsman, Tinker Small, Tourist, All Evolution Knives (85mm)
91mm Knives Victorinox Knives 91mm 3½in.(Considered Standard Size Knife)
Camper, Climber, Climber StayGlo, Compact, Cybertool Lite, Cybertool S, Cybertool M, Deluxe Tinker, Electrician, Explorer, Farmer, Fieldmaster, Fisherman, Handyman, Hiker, Huntsman, Mountaineer, Pioneer alox, Ranger, Spartan, Swiss Champ, Tinker
Lockblades and Knives 105mm, 4 in. and larger.

German Army Trekker, Hercules, One Hand Trekker, One Hand Trekker Grip Desert, Rescue Tool, Skipper, Skipper Pro, Soldier, One Hand Trekker NS, WorkChamp XL
Evo Grip Knives Evolution Knives (With a Rubber Grip)
Evolution Grip™ 10,Evolution Grip™ 11,Evolution Grip™ 14,Evolution Grip™ 18,Evolution Grip™ S17,Evolution Grip™ S18,Evolution Grip™ S54,Evolution Grip™ S557, Evolution Wood 10, Evolution Wood 14, Evolution Wood 17, Evolution Wood S54, Evolution Wood S557
91mm Knives
SwissTools, Specialty Knives

SwissTools, SwissCard, SwissCard Lite, GolfTool
Winemaster Knives
Wine Master Knives

Walnut Hardwood Handles, Olive Wood Handles