Sharpening and Cleaning Victorinox Knives

Nothing beats a good Swiss Army knife for versatility when out on a camping trip. But a dull blade can make even the best pocket knife useless. The proper kit for keeping your knife keenly sharp is to have a sharpening kit.
You can sharpen your pocket knife with either a whetstone or a steel. A whetstone is a stone that is used like sand paper to sharpen knives. A steel is a textured metal rod with a handle. For an extremely dull blade we recommend first sharpening with a whetstone & honing oil. Second with a sharpening steel. Learn how to keep your Swiss Army knife sharp and ready for action.

If the blades of knife begin to stick together, open and close the blades in warm water several times – this will allow the tools to move easily again. Once dry, apply a drop of Swiss Army Knife Oil between each tool and its spring. Do not put Swiss Army Knives in the dishwasher. If solvents are used to clean the metal parts of the knife, do not allow solvents to come in contact with the handles at this may permanently discolor or damage them.
Maintenance Accessories
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Video showing use of the Duo Knife Sharpener….>>Video-1